The order of seasons

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    Luc Parhan

ZangExpress asked me to illustrate and design several sing-a-long animations for children. Combining colorful animation with music, children are encouraged to learn in a fun way. Each animation has a different educational theme. In this one the order and passing of the seasons and the weekdays is key. Joey’s hoodie is inspired by an old fashioned alarm clock as a reference to the constant passing of time. The background stays in one place during the animation so that the main thing that changes is the colour of the seasons including elements like snow or leaves. Bij connecting these seasonal colours and elements to their seasons, I hope to make it easier and more fun for kids to remember these patterns. I focus on simplicity in design so the focus stays on what they should learn. That said, I do try to make it extra fun by creating wacky characters and cheerful elements that bring each animation to life.

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