Elderly help desk

  • Skills:
  • Client:
    Zorggroep rotterdam
  • Target Audience:
  • In collaboration with:
    Bonnie van der Emden, Megan Mcnulty, Wessel van den Berge

I did a gamification minor for which I illustrated four hosts at a virtual help desk to help the elderly.  Every character represents a different branch of the healthcare help desk. We had one for the chatline called Babbette. There were two addressing the healthcare questions called Toon and Toos, and the final one Nico who helps with all kind of random problems elderly people may encounter. Questions we younger people would solve with the help of google or other search sites. During our research we found that for a lot of elderly the internet was a no go and that it would be hard to learn to use it. So we searched for a medium they could also understand and use. We thought of the telephone, a medium all the elderly understand and already know how to use. The idea was to connect younger people and elderly people by an app called Nico. Younger people would log on in their own preferred time and would be ready to help. The elderly would call the hotline and automatically would get connected to one of these Nico’s. Someone would call because her tv didn’t work or maybe to find a gardener in the area, the Nico would then use google to find a solution and give the information the elderly would need. To make it more fun we designed the app with the possibility of adding an avatar and also customizing it, with badges and rewards and social media to share their good deeds.

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